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Why is content migration so difficult? (13 February 2012)
Does SharePoint have a sustainable and scaleable records management model? (28 July 2010)
How will the 21st century keep records? (8 May 2010)


Why is content migration so difficult? (13 February 2012)
MoReq 2010 update (5 January 2012)
Musing over MoReq2010 podcast series (12 October 2012)
The implications of MoReq2010 for records management practice (8 October 2011)
Update on MoReq2010 after the DLM Forum meeting in Budapest on 11 and 12 May 2011 (18 May 2011)
How MoReq2010 differs from previous electronic records management specifications (6 May 2011)
The current state of the electronic records management system market (1 February 2010)


What is SharePoint good for? (13 November 2011)
Is SharePoint a records management system? (with podcast) (19 October 2011)
Differences between SharePoint as an intranet platform and SharePoint as a collaboration platform (23 March 2011)
Thoughts on the Department for Education’s SharePoint implementation (10 March 2011)
Building a SharePoint demonstration environment (23 January 2011)
SharePoint 2010 and plug-ins (2 December 2010)
Does SharePoint have a sustainable and scaleable records management model (28 July 2010)
Reaction to SharePoint from web professionals in UK higher education (15 July 2010)
The Practicalities of upgrading to SharePoint (10 March 2010)
The future of SharePoint in higher education (22 December 2009)
Records management in SharePoint 2010 some early thoughts (28 October 2009)
Investigation into the use of SharePoint by UK higher education institutions – literature review (18 October 2009)
Presentation on SharePoint in higher education (17 October 2009)
My sites in SharePoint 2007 (24 September 2009)
What uses are UK universities making of SharePoint 2007? (27 August 2009)
SharePoint versus Blackboard and Moodle (12 August 2009)
Different approaches to getting MoReq2010 compatible EDRM systems to work with SharePoint 2007 (10 May 2009)
How Records management works in SharePoint 2007 (19 April 2009)

Enterprise Content Management and cloud computing

Podcast discussion with Christian Walker (29 January 2012)
10 Questions on the current state of the ECM market (8 October 2011)
Can Google be trusted with enterprise data? (24 February 2010)
The conusumerisation of enterprise computing (20 February 2010)
Simon Wardley’s overview of cloud computing(13 February 2010)
Will Google Wave succeed inside the enterprise? (21 July 2009)
The current state of enterprise content management (ECM) (6 June 2009)

Records Management

How will the 21st century keep records (8 May 2010)
Two conflicting definitions of a record in use in organisations today (4 March 2010)
The nature of the record in the age of the real time web) 26 February 2010
The impact of the web2.0 world on the Records Management Society (3 June 2009)
Question time at the Records Management Society Conference (25 April 2009)
EDRMS approaches in Local Government (29 March 2009)

Digital preservation

Preserving e-mail – records management perspectives (11 August 2011)
The challenges of archiving databases – podcast with Kelvin Ashley (9 July 2011)

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