Musing Over MoReq2010- podcast series with Jon Garde

There are many differences between MoReq2010 and previous electronic records management certification regimes (including DoD in the US, TNA in the UK, the previous version of MoReq in Europe etc.)

MoReq2010 is different in:

  • its fundamental assumptions (it assumes that records are captured in many different systems within an organisation, rather than in one records system)
  • what it is fundamentally trying to do (specify the minimum set of things that any application needs to do to manage its records, rather than specify a general records system that does everything any organisation would want its record system to do)
  • the concepts it uses  (most notably the concept of an ‘aggregation’ replacing the concept of a ‘file’ )
  • the way it is structured (with the functionality grouped into ten services)
  • the fact that it will develop over time (with new modules being added to meet to meet specific needs)

I spoke to Jon Garde (the lead author of MoReq 2010) before his talk to the 2011 IRMS conference.  He said that it was impossible to do justice to all those changes within the confines of a 30 presentation speech.  I suggested a podcast series in which we could discuss in detail the different areas of MoReq2010, and the thinking behind them. We have called the podcast series MusingOverMoReq2010.

We have recorded three epsiodes so far – episode 1 discusses the general philosophy behind MoReq 2010. Episode 2 looks at the classification service, and the role of a classfication within a MoReq2010 compliant system.   Episode 3 looks at the disposal service and how retention rules are applied within a MoReq2010 compliant system

As well as discussing an aspect of MoReq2010, each episode also contains news of recent developements around MoReq2010. This is to allow for the fact that MoReq2010 will continue to develop as extension modules are written, and as the testing centres get set up and certification gets underway. The third section of the show is a ‘postbag’ section where we will discuss any questions you send us.

You can listen to it on the Musing Over MoReq2010 website.   You can subscribe to it from the i-tunes store (search on Musing over MoReq2010) or by getting your podcatcher to subscribe to this feed:

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