The Ontario e-mail deletion scandal (part 8) – the Commissioner makes her report

The story so far:  In April and May 2013 Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner carried out an investigation into allegations that Craig MacLellan, former Chief of Staff to the former Ministry of Energy, had deleted e-mails relating to controversial gas plant cancellations in 2010 and 2011.   She was now ready to report.


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The Ontario e-mail deletion scandal (part 7) – reaction to the retention schedule

The story so far:    Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner was interviewing Craig MacLennan (former Chief of Staff to Ontario’s Minister of Energy),  as part of her investigation into whether his practice of routinely deleting his e-mails contravened both Ontario’s Archives and Recordkeeping legislation, and the retention schedules drawn up by Ontario’s archives.    The Commissioner has shown Craig the retention schedule and asked for his reaction

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Next episode:   the Commissioner reports