Talking records – podcast discussion with Christian Walker

In this podcastChristian Walker and I discuss whether records management is compatible with enterprise 2.0.  We talk about the problems of capturing records into a records systems such as an EDRMS.  We ponder on whether anyone could or should integrate their EDRM with a web service such as Twitter or Facebook.

I express mixed feelings about the concept of asking users to declare things as a record. (Chris wrote a blogpost ‘records matter, declaration doesn’t‘ last year, with a more recent follow up).

We discuss whether text analytics could be used to automatically select which e-mails should be saved as a record. We conclude that you probably could in isolated areas of your business, that you studied in depth and trained the analytic engine in, but that it would be difficult if not impossible to scale it up over all the activities of an organisation.

We discuss the challenges of using the word ‘record’ given that when anyone uses it you don’t know whether they mean one document or a collection (large or small) of documents. Chris wonders whether it is viable to carry on using the word ‘records’ but neither he nor I could come up with an alternatiive.

We end up talking about the proposed (but postponed) SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). Chris opposes the idea that a platform such as a filesharing site should be closed down if some of its users contribute content that infringes intellectual property rights.  He says it is up to content owners to protect their content online. He calls the media backers of SOPA ‘dinosaurs’.  I recall that we records managers get called dinosaurs too and I try to draw parallels.  The new media companies of Silicon valley (Facebook, Google, Twitter) are interested in the platform rather than the content.  The old media companies (Disney, News International) and records managers are interested in the content rather than the platform. The thing that records managers and old media have in common is that sometimes we seem to be swimming against the times.

Chris blogs at   and tweets as @chris_p_walker

Click here to play the podcast:

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