The consumerisation of enterprise computing

Paul Buchheit is the brains behind Gmail. He then left Google and founded Friend feed which was recently acquired by Facebook. Last week Paul blogged his opinion on the design of devices and applications. Buchheit’s post was written in response to criticisms of Apple’s forthcoming iPad. Critics have listed all the things that the iPad […]

My Sites in SharePoint 2007

My Sites are the part of SharePoint 2007 that is most directly in competition with web based social network applications.   In terms of useability and dynamism they don’t stand up too well in comparison with the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Linked In,  but they do have an important role to play in a […]

SharePoint versus Blackboard and Moodle: the battle for the Virtual Learning Environment market in UK Higher Education

I am currently working on a Northumbria University research project into the usage of SharePoint in UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).  The research is funded by Eduserv. The first stage of the project has been a literature review.   A Google search for occurences of the word ‘SharePoint’ on sites within the domain ‘’  threw up […]

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